Greetings from Charleston


  I stayed in Charleston over the Armistice Day weekend. The drive from Indianapolis to Charleston is a beautiful one, and the two hours my wife and I spent sitting in traffic in the mountains of North Carolina were probably worth it. We stayed at the Edge of America in Folly Beach, which, in retrospect feels like an all-too-appropriate way to describe the entire trip. But, beset with no shortage of omens and obstacles, our happy bunch took it as a challenge to carry on, and so we did.

  Were it not for the karmic debt coming due from the universe, the trip would have been nothing short of amazing. Visually, the city is an eclectic blend of all walks. Folly Beach feels more like a West Coast bohemian paradise than. It’s the hipster’s Fort Myers. Local shops and even a co-op intermingle with the touristy go-to’s that you can find in any coastal beach town. Where else can you find places like “Ocean and a Yoga” (ocean-anda-yoga)?

  The architecture of Folly Beach features a lot of carpenter homes and beach bungalows mixed in with the antiquated charm of such a historical place. And if you’re going for preserved history, then a walking tour on the brick streets of downtown Charleston is just what you need. There you can enjoy the heavy influence of the French and British in the 18th and 19th century, all while a black man proclaims through a loudspeaker that all white people are the devil.  Certain places you visit immediately speak to you on some level.  This is one of those places for me.

  I hate to waste a chance to take some pictures when I first visit a new place, so one day I ventured outside downtown, just north of the College of Charleston. I snapped a few pictures while wandering around on that frigid and windy morning and slowly made my way to a point I had saved while exploring the day before. It didn’t disappoint. The bottom picture was what I had driven past and made myself revisit, and I keep a version of that in my permanent gallery. I only tend to consider a trip a success if I can get at least one picture that makes me feel that way.



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