Greetings from LA

After 5 long years I was finally able to revisit one of my favorite cities last week – Los Angeles. My wife and I stopped by for a few days on the way back from Portland to visit her family, catch up with friends, and enjoy all the splendor this beautiful, dumpy city has to offer. There’s an energy to this volatile place that buzzes with life. I’m always inspired when I visit, and this trip was no different. Here are a few shots of my brief layover.




In just a few days we managed to hit the Griffith Observatory, Ye Old King’s Head for a proper English breakfast, the Santa Monica pier, Tongva park, and much more. We stayed at an Air BnB in Grenada Hills, made use of our Planet Fitness membership nearby, trekked up to Santa Clarita a couple times, binged on In and Out every chance we got, bought a few dead things from Necromance, and tried some cookies from the Milk Bar. If that wasn’t enough, I even witnessed rain, grass, and a rainbow for the first time in LA. Maybe most importantly for me, I managed to get a couple pictures I love out of the deal, so I’m happy with the trip, and thankful for the opportunity to visit, even if only briefly. Until next time, LA.

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