Greetings from Portland

Portland – a beautiful city in my favorite place on Earth (so far). I narrowly avoided the polar vortex that froze my home state for a brief reprieve in this temperate City of Roses. My wife and I were fortunate enough to visit last week while my she competed in the aerial olympics. We stayed with her doubles partner, and our friends in a place called Hagrid’s Cabin.

It’s situated near the top of a mountain in Corbett, about 20 miles from the city. It offered some of the best views you could ask for. From the hot tub on the back patio, you could stare across the river valley to the foothills of Washington, at least when the clouds and fog weren’t nestling right up against the cabin, blanketing everything in a gloomy mist. You could easily stay at this place for a week and never want to leave. But with a pretty packed schedule, we had to enjoy this beautiful getaway little by little.









  Just a few of the things we managed to get to during our short stay – lots of coffee in bed, Planet Fitness, cafe, another cafe, McDonald’s downtown – what may be one of the most depressing locations I’ve been in – pot shop, breakfast at Tippy Canoes, Multnomah Falls, breakfast in the restaurant at the falls, Mt. Hood and the Timberline Lodge, and much more. We had some apparently world-famous dumplings, checked out the Kennedy School, Powell’s books…And I got pictures of just about none of it. But the Pacific Northwest is a place that’s best experienced by being there and being present. No pictures necessary, and in the end there are none that can do the place justice anyway.













  In the end, my wife and her doubles partner took home silver in the competition. I’m fairly certain they were robbed. Once the video from the competition is released, I’ll link to it here so you can decide for yourself. Despite that, it was a fantastic time in Portland, and I always leave the West Coast feeling like I need to move back asap.


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