I’m a photographer and aspiring digital nomad. This site is intended to serve as a space for me to share my work, and also to document some my travels.

Other than what you’ll find here, my work is also available at TurningArt and on display in person at the Stutz Art Center. 

Stutz Art Center, 212 W. 10th St. 3rd Floor, Indianapolis, IN
Aperture Scientist Photography

I was born and raised in Indianapolis, graduated from Indiana University in 2012, and have practicing photography since 2005. My formal training amounts to a high school photography class. I got an A, so enough said. 

My work reflects my exploration of urban and natural landscapes and is primarily  characterized by unique composition, geometric symmetry, and elements of the surreal. 

You can find photos from some of my favorite places, including California, Washington, the Midwest, and around Europe. If you would like to take a closer look at some of the places visited, I’ll tell you more about it on my blog… Eventually. 

If you have questions about showings, online orders, collaborations, and anything else, please email totheaperturescientist@gmail.com